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How High-Intent Keywords and Dedicated Landing Pages drove growth for Mr. Clouseau

June 1, 2023
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Mr. Clouseau, a B2B SaaS company, was struggling to understand the search behavior of its target audience and generate high-quality leads. Our digital agency was engaged to conduct a thorough needs analysis and develop a focused PPC strategy targeting high-intent keywords to drive qualified leads and pilot projects.


Understand the search behaviour of the target audience

Generate high-quality leads and pilot projects through a focused PPC strategy

Strategy & Execution:

Needs Analysis:

a. Market, audience, and competitor research: We conducted an in-depth analysis of the market, target audience, and competitors to understand the specific needs and preferences of Mr. Clouseau's potential customers.

B. Keyword research: Based on the findings from our research, we developed a keyword list targeting different search intentions, such as solutions, tools, competitors, and integrations in the B2B SaaS space.

Focused PPC Strategy:

A. Targeting high-intent keywords: We decided to start with high-intent keywords that indicated a strong commercial and transactional interest, focusing on solution and competitor searches, rather than tools and integrations.

B. Lower funnel strategy: Our approach concentrated on lower funnel keywords, aiming to make these profitable before scaling up. This allowed us to manage costs in a high CPC environment while connecting with highly interested leads.

C. Dedicated landing pages: To improve conversion rates, we created dedicated landing pages tailored to the high-intent keywords and the specific needs of Mr. Clouseau's target audience.


35 qualified leads generated during the first year

8 pilot projects initiated after the corona lockdowns

An increase of 42% in conversion rate within three months

By conducting thorough research and focusing on high-intent keywords in combination with dedicated landing pages, our digital agency was able to help Mr. Clouseau generate 35 qualified leads in the first year, resulting in 8 pilot projects after the corona lockdowns. This targeted PPC strategy also led to a 42% increase in conversion rate within just three months, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in driving high-quality leads and pilot projects for Mr. Clouseau's B2B SaaS business.

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