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Juni Case study

November 23, 2023
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About Juni

Juni is a Swedish fintech company helping ecommerce finance teams manage, control and ease cash flow. Their all-in-one platform provides multi-currency accounts & virtual corporate cards, invoice financing and accounting and ad platform integrations.

The Challenge

Juni faced difficulties in generating high-quality leads from their paid search and social ads, attracting low-intent and non-ideal customer profile (ICP) leads. They collaborated with Savvy Moves to elevate their lead generation. We concentrated on attracting high-intent leads through Google Search and refreshed their Paid Demand Gen campaigns on Meta and LinkedIn. Our approach, tailored for SMBs and Mid-Market businesses in Ecommerce and advertising agencies, effectively targeted their core audience.

"Incorporating Savvy Moves into our demand gen team has been a game-changer for Juni. Their pragmatic approach, deep B2B SaaS paid acquisition knowledge, and constant availability have delivered outstanding results. Their expertise and dedication have proven immensely beneficial to our team." Nick Knuppe Marketing Director at Juni

Our Approach

We understood that success depended on a thorough understanding of Juni’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), personas, and their specific challenges. To achieve this, we thoroughly reviewed all ICP documentation, actively participated in demo calls with Juni's sales team, and engaged in detailed brainstorming sessions with their marketing team to align our insights with Juni’s product and target audience.

In the onboarding phase, we carefully audited Juni's paid media channels, CRM, and analytics tools. This in-depth review allowed us to collect essential observations, crucial for developing a targeted and effective paid demand generation strategy. Below you find a breakdown: 

Tracking & Analytics:

Initial challenge:

Juni's existing analytics setup was insufficient, leading to challenges in accurately tracking and analysing the performance of their paid media initiatives.

Our Solution:

We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of Juni's analytics and tracking systems to ensure precise measurement and actionable insights.

Key Initiatives:

Salesforce Integration: We improved the existing Salesforce CRM setup which was only capturing important tracking data for 40% of inbound leads, by implementing necessary tracking scripts and aligning the synchronisation across key data objects. This integration facilitated seamless data flow, enabling efficient campaign analysis and a coherent view of the customer journey.UTM Tagging System:

Implemented UTM structure. This system allowed for precise tracking of performance across various marketing channels, ensuring that every click and conversion could be accurately attributed to its source.

Google Analytics 4 Setup: Reviewed and improved essential events within Google Analytics 4. This setup provided deeper insights into user interactions and performance metrics, allowing for a better understanding and optimisation of Juni's marketing initiatives.

Offline Conversion Tracking: We set up automated imports of offline conversion events in Google Ads and Meta Ads to send valuable data such as qualified and converted lead information back to the ad platforms, which helped optimise performance towards higher quality conversions, therefore decreasing the CPA's.

This approach enabled us to leverage CRM data in our optimisation process, ensuring that our strategies were grounded in comprehensive data insights.


These enhancements in analytics and tracking empowered us to make data-driven decisions, leading to more effective and efficient paid demand generation. With a robust analytics framework, we could accurately measure campaign performance, understand customer behaviour, and continuously refine our approach for optimal results.

Google Search:

The Challenge:

Upon initial assessment, we found Juni's Google Search account lacked strategic structure. Keywords were either too broad or lacked purchase intent, and the absence of negative keywords led to inefficient spending and low-quality leads.

Key optimisations: 

Keyword Optimization: We introduced a strategic mix of high-intent keywords, targeting prospects ready to engage or make a purchase. This precision in keyword selection greatly improved the conversion rate and quality of incoming leads.

Negative Keywords Implementation: To enhance campaign efficiency, we deployed a comprehensive list of negative keywords. This step was crucial in filtering out irrelevant traffic, significantly saving on ad spend and improving ad relevance.

Campaign Segmentation: We segmented campaigns into distinct categories, including 'Looking for a Tool', 'Looking for Software', 'Competitors', 'Trademark', and 'Use-Case Keywords'. This segmentation allowed for more targeted messaging and better alignment with user search intent.

Competitor Campaign Strategy: We tailored campaigns to target users searching for alternatives while excluding keywords indicating loyalty to competitors. This approach helped in capturing market share from competitors.

Dedicated Landing Pages: For each ad group, we developed dedicated landing pages. This ensured that the landing page content was directly aligned with the user’s search intent, leading to an enhanced user experience and higher quality leads.

Regional Rollout: The new campaign structure was implemented across Scandinavia and Western Europe, ensuring a consistent and effective approach in these key markets.

Google Search Account Structure 

📈 Results:

Increased SQOs: Our focused approach resulted in a 153% increase in Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs), signifying a substantial improvement in lead quality.

Reduced Cost per MQL: We achieved a 21% reduction in the Cost per Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), indicating increased efficiency in ad spend and better alignment with Juni's target audience.

Paid Social:

Initial Situation:

Juni's initial paid social campaigns focused primarily on direct sign-ups through cold-prospecting and relied heavily on transactional creatives. This approach was limiting in terms of engaging the audience effectively across different stages of the buyer's journey.

Our Approach:

Comprehensive Campaign Strategy: We developed a full paid demand generation plan encompassing content for all funnel stages: top-of-funnel (TOFU), middle-of-funnel (MOFU), and bottom-of-funnel (BOFU). This strategy ensured a more holistic engagement with potential customers.

Creative Diversification: We executed multiple creative sets across Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and LinkedIn. These were tailored to resonate with Juni's core audiences, specifically e-commerce businesses and paid advertising agencies.

Layered Remarketing structure: Introduced remarketing layers to build trust and credibility. This included leveraging customer quotes, which helped in reinforcing Juni's value proposition to potential clients.‍

Landing Page Optimisation and CRO: We conducted a thorough analysis and optimisation of the landing pages. By enhancing messaging relevancy, removing distractions, and improving overall user experience, we significantly increased sign-ups and conversions.

Paid Demand Gen - Funnel & Content

📈 Results:

Increased SQOs: Savvy Moves strategic initiatives resulted in a 437% increase in Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs), indicative of enhanced lead quality and engagement.Activated Customer Growth: Juni observed a 193% increase in activated customers through our paid social channels, showcasing effective audience targeting and conversion strategies.

Result Summary

Google Search:

Enhanced Lead Quality: By restructuring the Google Search campaigns, focusing on high-intent keywords, and implementing effective negative keywords, we successfully refined the lead quality. This led to a 150% increase in Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs), showing that our targeting strategies effectively reached Juni's ideal customer profile.

Budget-Efficiency: The campaign segmentation and dedicated landing pages contributed to a 21% reduction in Cost per Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). This optimisation meant that Juni could allocate their budget more effectively, maximising ROI.

Paid Social: 

Expand Customer Base: We adopted a multi-faceted demand generation strategy, engaging customers at all stages of the funnel. The impact was a 437% increase in SQOs and 193% more activated customers, indicating a substantial growth in customer engagement and conversion.

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