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When rapidly expanding SaaS startups aim to scale at lightning speed, we assist in building reliable, effective, and scalable revenue-generating systems.

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Broad in expertise, personalised in approach - We are a passionate team specialising in B2B SaaS paid media, committed to drive revenue instead of leads.

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We take ownership over everything we do. From strategy to execution, every action we take is filled with a sense of commitment to your success.


From testing to iteration, every step is communicated. We believe in learning together, sharing insights, and showcasing how your investment is yielding growth.


We focus on your customer and how to attract more of them. We understand the SaaS industry and use this knowledge to deliver results that drive revenue.


We rely on data for our decisions, while never losing touch with the person behind the screen

Your Savvy Team

Marc van Zuijlen

Co-founder / Paid Media Specialist

Rémon de Muijnck

Co-founder / B2B Lead Strategist

Anya Avdeeva

Analytics and Automation Manager

"Incorporating Savvy Moves into our demand gen team has been a game-changer for Juni. Their pragmatic approach, deep B2B SaaS paid acquisition knowledge, and constant availability have delivered outstanding results. Their expertise and dedication have proven immensely beneficial to our team."

Nick Knuppe

VP Marketing at Juni

"Partnering with Savvy Moves has enhanced our paid media strategies on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, leading to more efficient campaigns, increased demo sign-up leads, and reduced costs. Their expertise in tracking has greatly improved our insights into campaign performance"

Elisa Reggiardo

Marketing @Slite

"Savvy Moves expanded and reorganised our Google Search and LinkedIn accounts at BookBoost, making them more targeted and cost-effective. Their strategic approach resulted in better results while using a smaller budget. I strongly recommend them for any SaaS company looking to improve their Paid marketing efforts"

Daan de Bruijn

Co-founder of BookBoost CRM

"Remon built up Xentral's paid demand gen from scratch, leading initiatives to turn Google Search, Facebook/Instagram and Linkedin Ads into key pillars of our customer growth efforts. I was impressed by his in-dept and strategic understanding of how to set up and optimize Paid Search/Social channels."

Benyi Heider

Marketing Lead at Xentral ERP Business Software

"I strongly recommend 'Savvy Moves' to anyone seeking top-notch work accompanied by professionalism and reliability. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to sustain our collaboration for many more years!"

Cristina Ruiz Bermon

International marketing and product director @ Tribes

"The days of merely generating MQLs are over. What you need isn't a surge in MQLs, but a rise in opportunities that evolve into pipeline and revenue."

Rémon de Muijnck

Lead strategist
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Get to Know Savvy: Your FAQs Addressed

Can't find what you're looking for? Please don't hesitate to reach out!

What services do you provide?

Savvy Moves offers targeted Paid Media campaigns via Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Meta Ads. Data & Analytics services for actionable marketing insights, and Marketing Automation to streamline your routine tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Who will be working on my account?

Either Remon or Marc, our two experienced founders, will be your contact for campaign management. Together, we'll discuss campaign optimization.

How do you measure campaign success?

Success measurement at Savvy Moves is data-driven and based on data in your CRM. We focus on relevant KPIs such as acquisition costs, MRR/ARR, MQL’s/SQL’s, Clients, Lifetime value. Regular performance reports provide insights into your campaign's effectiveness and guide strategy tweaks.

Do you offer standalone services?

Absolutely, we do. We provide a range of standalone services tailored to your needs, including Tracking implementation, Ad Creatives, and Marketing Automation. Please contact us to determine the best solutions for your business.

How does the contract and billing process work?

We initiate all partnerships with a minimum four-month commitment. This period allows us to gather enough data for meaningful analysis and conclusions. After this initial period, you can choose to cancel on a monthly basis, and billing will occur retrospectively each month.

How do you communicate with us?

We prefer Slack for communication and Asana for project management. We start with weekly meetings during onboarding for better team alignment, then shift to bi-weekly and monthly 60-minute sessions to review performance and discuss new campaigns.

What ad channels are included in the Paid Media service?

Our Paid Media management services include the following ad channels: Google Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads (YouTube), LinkedIn Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and Capterra. If you're interested in a specific channel not listed here, please let us know. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

When can I expect to see results?

Understanding when you'll see improvements involves many variables, making it tough to provide an immediate timeline. For us to give you a personal and accurate prediction, we need to understand the complete picture of your situation. By fostering openness, backing our expectations with comprehensive research, and truly understanding your unique circumstances, we can provide you with a timeline tailored to your needs."

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