Marc van Zuijlen

Co-founder / Paid Media Specialist

Introducing Marc van Zuijlen, the experienced ex-Googler behind Savvy Moves. With over 7 years Search Engine Advertising experience Marc has honed his skills and expertise to drive success for businesses in the B2B digital space. Since transitioning to freelancing 6 years ago, he has applied his knowledge to help B2B clients across various industries reach their marketing goals.

At the core of Marc's approach is the emphasis on building strong relationships. He believes that genuine collaboration is the key to achieving mutual success, focusing on cultivating partnerships where both parties can benefit and grow. Marc's expertise in Google Ads is matched by his dedication to providing clients with personalized guidance and support.

Explore the services offered at Savvy Moves and learn how Marc van Zuijlen can help elevate your brand's digital presence. With a solid foundation of collaboration, let's work together to achieve your marketing objectives.

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