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Paid Demand Gen

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€2,790/ month
Designed for SaaS companies that are ready invest in their paid customer generation.
What do you get?
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A full paid acquisition strategy and implementation
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Services included

Full funnel paid acquisition marketing strategy
All relevant paid channels: Google Ads, Meta Ads, Linkedin Ads, Reddit, Capterra, Twitters etc
Quarterly business review and outlook
Coordination with your team via Slack / Asana
A/B testing for creatives and landing pages
Understanding your clients' "Jobs to be Done" (JTBD)
Participation in a live or pre-recorded product demo with potential clients
Management of all paid search and paid social channels
Media planning and projection
Monthly reports on performance
Research on competitors (including keywords and creatives)
Consultation on PPC CRO for landing pages
Evaluation of your SaaS environment, including partners and competition
Insights into your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and associated personas
Marc van Zuijlen - paid Media Specialist

"At Savvy Moves we grow with our clients and adapt our services accordingly while maximising ROI"

Marc van Zuijlen

Paid Media Specialist
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Get to Know Savvy: Your FAQs Addressed

Can't find what you're looking for? Please don't hesitate to reach out!

What services do you provide?

Savvy Moves offers targeted Paid Media campaigns via Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Meta Ads. Data & Analytics services for actionable marketing insights, and Marketing Automation to streamline your routine tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Who will be working on my account?

Either Remon or Marc, our two experienced founders, will be your contact for campaign management. Together, we'll discuss campaign optimization.

How do you measure campaign success?

Success measurement at Savvy Moves is data-driven and based on data in your CRM. We focus on relevant KPIs such as acquisition costs, MRR/ARR, MQL’s/SQL’s, Clients, Lifetime value. Regular performance reports provide insights into your campaign's effectiveness and guide strategy tweaks.

Do you offer standalone services?

Absolutely, we do. We provide a range of standalone services tailored to your needs, including Tracking implementation, Ad Creatives, and Marketing Automation. Please contact us to determine the best solutions for your business.

How does the contract and billing process work?

We initiate all partnerships with a minimum four-month commitment. This period allows us to gather enough data for meaningful analysis and conclusions. After this initial period, you can choose to cancel on a monthly basis, and billing will occur retrospectively each month.

How do you communicate with us?

We prefer Slack for communication and Asana for project management. We start with weekly meetings during onboarding for better team alignment, then shift to bi-weekly and monthly 60-minute sessions to review performance and discuss new campaigns.

What ad channels are included in the Paid Media service?

Our Paid Media management services include the following ad channels: Google Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads (YouTube), LinkedIn Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and Capterra. If you're interested in a specific channel not listed here, please let us know. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

When can I expect to see results?

Understanding when you'll see improvements involves many variables, making it tough to provide an immediate timeline. For us to give you a personal and accurate prediction, we need to understand the complete picture of your situation. By fostering openness, backing our expectations with comprehensive research, and truly understanding your unique circumstances, we can provide you with a timeline tailored to your needs."

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