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Slite Case Study

May 21, 2024
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About Slite

Slite is the AI-powered knowledge base that puts all the burdens of creating, managing and finding trusted company information on autopilot. Fast-growing teams can get instant access to their knowledge simply by asking questions - when and where they need it. Leveraging AI-suggested actions and powerful knowledge management features, Slite ensures that company knowledge stays relevant and always up-to-date, effortlessly. More than 200,000 companies rely on Slite as their single source of truth that the entire team can finally trust


Previously executed campaigns through Google Ads were mainly focussed on driving sign-ups based on keywords that were more Top of the funnel e.g. on certain templates. This resulted in many sign-ups from non-ICP prospects like freelancers instead of companies. Campaigns primarily used Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) and negative keywords weren’t used resulting in a high number of irrelevant clicks and wasted budget. Additionally, there was no system in place for UTM or offline conversion tracking. Regarding paid social, a full-funnel strategy, including remarketing, was not utilised, despite the availability of significant warm and high intent traffic.

"Partnering with Savvy Moves has enhanced our paid media strategies on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, leading to more efficient campaigns, increased demo sign-up leads, and reduced costs. Their expertise in tracking has greatly improved our insights into campaign performance" Elisa Reggiardo Marketing @Slite


Understand Slite’s ICP and Persona 

During onboarding, we reviewed Slite's product and audience, including the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer personas. We explored their challenges and solutions by participating in demos and discussing sales objections and value propositions.

Optimising Tracking 

During the onboarding phase, we audited the tracking setup and CRM. This allowed us to tailor a custom interim solution for Slite as they transitioned to a different CRM system. 

Actions taken: 

- Implemented conversion tracking for Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Meta Ads, which allowed for the monitoring of user interactions and conversion paths.

- Custom integration with CRM which allows for more granular tracking of UTM parameters. 

- Offline conversion tracking.

- Configured and improved event tracking in GA4. 

Google Ads: Restructuring and High-Intent Keywords

To acquire paid customers, the campaigns required a new strategy. We aimed to target those with the highest intent by focussing on people searching for tools and comparing competitors. This approach helped us capture prospects actively seeking knowledge base software or comparing competitors. As a result we implemented a simplified Google Ads campaign structure tailored for B2B Saas companies.

Slite Google Search Account Structure

In addition to consulting on campaigns, we recommended the creation of dedicated landing pages and a pillar page. This strategy allowed for easy duplication and modification of the pillar page for specific topics. Using this method saves time and resources, enabling the rapid development of new landing pages for upcoming campaigns.

Google Ads Result

For the quarter-over-quarter period, we achieved an 18.4% increase in the 'Book a Demo' conversion rate through Google Ads. Additionally, we observed a 17% reduction in costs and a 20% increase in click-through rate (CTR) by restructuring the brand campaign.

Linkedin ads - Paid demand generation and capture 

We developed a paid demand gen content strategy tailored to different stages of the customer journey, with a strong emphasis on driving conversions at the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) as wanted to leverage existing traffic first. This included  traffic from organic, direct and other paid channels through layered remarketing strategy. 

For our top-of-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-funnel (MOFU) campaigns, we used Thought Leadership ads along with Document Ads focused on knowledge bases to drive reach, engagement, and lead generation among Slite’s core decision makers. The traffic from these engaged audiences also served as a fuel for our remarketing efforts

In the demand capture layer we aimed to build trust  and credibility among warm traffic from high intent and engaged audiences: 

- Social proof - We used customer testimonials (images and videos) and quotes to build trust and credibility.

- How is Slite different? - Highlighted the unique features and advantages of Slite compared to competitors.

- Core offering - Different variations on pain points and USPs.

- Direct response ads - Driving direct demo requests.

- Thought leadership ads - Organic posts from the CEO were used as thought leadership ads to bring existing traffic aware of product updates.

Customer testimonial image featuring a satisfied user discussing the benefits of using Slite
Linkedin Ads - Social proof and direct response ads


We focused on creating different remarketing audiences including high intent website visitors (including pricing page), Linkedin ads engagement, while using linkedin’s native targeting filters as we only wanted to target specific departments and jobs functions while excluding career traffic and existing customers.

Linkedin Ads Results  

For LinkedIn quarter-over-quarter, we achieved a 180% increase in attributed demo sign-ups within Slite’s ICP for the remarketing campaigns, and a 27.7% decrease in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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