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Key services that are needed create and capture demand in order to drive Pipeline revenue, not just leads

Data & Analytics

Build a solid tracking foundation

Establish a solid data foundation with accurate tracking, measurement and reporting. Our analytics service enables you to make informed, data driven decisions that optimize your marketing strategies and drive growth for your SaaS business.

Tracking setup

Conversion tracking

Conversion API Setup

Google Analytics 4 Setup

Google Tag Manager

Data Visualization

Paid Media

Create and capture demand

We generate and capture demand by executing targeted paid media campaigns across Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Instragram and Capterra. By focusing on your ICP, high-intent keywords and buyer personas, we ensure your media budget is optimised to drive pipeline revenue, not just leads.

Full Paid Media Funnel Strategy

Layered remarketing framework

Demand Generation & Capture

Landing page CRO Optimisation

A/B Testing framework

Ads development

Marketing Automation

Streamline Your Processes

We build custom workflows, ensure data quality and automate manual and repetitive marketing tasks on Hubspot, Zapier, Make, and many more. Our Marketing automation services are tailored specifically to your current stage and requirements..

CRM Integrations

Setup data structure

Setting up attribution

Custom Workflows

Custom Automations

Automate lead capture/follow up

"Incorporating Savvy Moves into our demand gen team has been a game-changer for Juni. Their pragmatic approach, deep B2B SaaS paid acquisition knowledge, and constant availability have delivered outstanding results. Their expertise and dedication have proven immensely beneficial to our team."

Nick Knuppe

VP Marketing at Juni

"Partnering with Savvy Moves has enhanced our paid media strategies on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, leading to more efficient campaigns, increased demo sign-up leads, and reduced costs. Their expertise in tracking has greatly improved our insights into campaign performance"

Elisa Reggiardo

Marketing @Slite

"Savvy Moves expanded and reorganised our Google Search and LinkedIn accounts at BookBoost, making them more targeted and cost-effective. Their strategic approach resulted in better results while using a smaller budget. I strongly recommend them for any SaaS company looking to improve their Paid marketing efforts"

Daan de Bruijn

Co-founder of BookBoost CRM

"Remon built up Xentral's paid demand gen from scratch, leading initiatives to turn Google Search, Facebook/Instagram and Linkedin Ads into key pillars of our customer growth efforts. I was impressed by his in-dept and strategic understanding of how to set up and optimize Paid Search/Social channels."

Benyi Heider

Marketing Lead at Xentral ERP Business Software

"I strongly recommend 'Savvy Moves' to anyone seeking top-notch work accompanied by professionalism and reliability. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to sustain our collaboration for many more years!"

Cristina Ruiz Bermon

International marketing and product director @ Tribes


Drive more qualified pipeline, not just leads.

Utilising your CRM data, we optimise ad channels to effectively target traffic, mirroring your existing customer base, and focusing on those prospects with the highest likelihood to convert.


To build & scale predictable growth

Strategy and execution designed to drive customer generation.
Step 1: Business Analysis

Deep Dive Into Your Landscape

We take a close look at your offering, identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and customer personas. We also review the past performance across ad platforms and your CRM to understand what is working and what isn’t working. Our goal is to fully comprehend your customers' pain points and needs to build a strategy that resonates with them.

Paid account audit & CRO analysis 
Listingen (live/recorded) to a demo with your prospect. 
Understanding your ICP/Persona’s and competitor ecosystem
Understanding closed/lost reasons to understand objections. 
Understanding the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) from your clients
Keyword research for high-intent, in-market and JTBD keywords
Step 2: Define Strategy

Demand Generation & Capture strategy 

We begin by crafting a holistic strategy that focuses on your best-performing segments within your core buyers and ICP. 

Our approach involves educating your target audience through demand-generation content. This prepares them for conversion into qualified leads when they are ready to buy, utilizing a well-planned demand-capturing strategy capturing in-market buyers through paid search and social.

6 month roadmap
Develop a Media Plan & Forecast 
Define channel KPI’s that aligns with your OKR’s
Layered remarketing strategy to build trust and credibility
Demand Generation & Capture strategy
Step 3: Setup & Launch

Solid Foundations for Tracking & Optimizing

We establish a solid data foundation with accurate tracking, measurement and reporting. This enables us to make informed, data driven decisions. Second we build paid media campaigns. By focusing on your ICP, high-intent keywords and personas, we ensure your budget is optimized to drive pipeline revenue, not just leads.

Tracking setup
CRM integration
Conversion tracking
Custom dashboard 
Google Tag Manager
Multi-channel campaign building 
Step 4: Analysis & Reporting

Insightful Analysis & Transparent Reporting

We believe in the power of data-driven decisions. We analyze campaign performance (KPI’s) meticulously and conduct A/B testing to refine our strategies continuously. We provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights, specifically tailored to your objectives.We don't just deliver numbers; we deliver a roadmap for improvement.

Deliver a reporting dashboard
Hypothesis testing framework 
Step 5: Optimise & Scale

Continuously optimisation and Scale

With your CRM data as a trusted resource, we fine-tune the ad-networks' algorithm to seek out prospects that closely mirror your existing customer base that drives revenue for your SaaS business. We identify successful initiatives and leverage them to scale your marketing efforts, driving quality leads, and boosting your MRR.

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