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How PocketWiFi Amsterdam Captured a new B2B Market with a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

June 19, 2023
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PocketWiFi Amsterdam, a provider of portable, high-speed WiFi devices for businesses, identified an opportunity to target a new B2B audience: companies that recently relocated and required temporary WiFi solutions while awaiting permanent installations. With a limited time to capture this market, PocketWiFi sought a targeted and effective strategy to drive growth.


Increasing revenue by targeting a new B2B audience in need of temporary WiFi solutions

Developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on the "See, Think, Do, Care" model to maximize contact moments

Strategy & Execution:
  1. Extensive keyword research: Conducted in-depth keyword research to map the market, focusing on high-intent commercial keywords to target the new B2B audience and discover additional markets.
  1. Display campaigns for awareness and consideration: Defined several audiences for Display advertising, combining life events, high-intent keywords, and business professionals who showed interest in competitors to reach potential customers in the "See" and "Think" phases.
  1. Structured campaigns and dedicated landing pages for action: Grouped high-intent keywords into themes and crafted ads specifically for the target audience in the "Do" phase. Developed dedicated landing pages for each audience, addressing their unique needs and search queries.
  1. Remarketing campaigns for retention and care: Created remarketing campaigns based on recency and urgency to stay in touch with website visitors who had not yet performed the desired action.


Generated 12 leads that converted into clients within the first three months

Achieved a 50% decrease in Cost per Lead (CPL) over six months

Experienced a 75% growth in returning visitors

By employing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy based on the "See, Think, Do, Care" model, our agency successfully helped PocketWiFi Amsterdam reach its new B2B audience and drive significant growth. Our approach, which included extensive keyword research, targeted Display campaigns, structured ad campaigns with dedicated landing pages, and remarketing efforts, led to a notable increase in conversions, a reduction in CPL, and a surge in returning visitors.

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