Competitor Comparison Landing Pages (CCLPs) - Vital for your SaaS Business

November 27, 2023
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Nowadays in SaaS, it is easy to no longer see the forest for the trees with all of the solutions out there. Certain SaaS solutions can really look similar to each other, and it can be hard to see which solution best suits your needs with all the offers available. CCLPs can be vital for SaaS companies to drive bottom-of-the-funnel traffic and conversions.

CCLPs really help prospects in their research process with clear and transparent information about your strengths, weaknesses, and USP, which helps establish trust. Providing a clear and concise comparison between your software and its competitors helps your prospects make informed decisions. This helps customers determine if a service is the right fit for them and filters out poor-fit customers whose priorities are more aligned with your competitors' products.

If you want to start creating a CCLP, what are the best practices?

- Focus on the user, not the brand. It's not about claiming that your brand is the best out there. Pages should be unbiased and offer an objective comparison to help customers make the best decision possible. It also helps users save time and effort in researching software options.

- Prioritize quality and understand the user's search intent, providing what they're looking for. Users looking for a comparison will leave if they don't find value. Know your product and your value; keep it simple.

- Research competitors thoroughly to provide an objective comparison and highlight your advantages compared to the competitors. This also presents the opportunity to identify potential weaknesses in your own brand compared to your competitors, where you should focus on improving your product.

- You are able to control the narrative for prospects about how your products match up. Don’t just provide a list of comparative features and leave it to the reader to reach the conclusion you want them to. Explicitly tell the user what they should think, give them evidence to believe this, and then remind them by addressing the pain points.

What you would like to avoid when creating CCLPs:

- Trashing your competitor too much. CCLPs are not about trashing your competitors or criticizing their products. Trashing your competitors can be a bit obvious where customers will see right through the noise. Plus, it will probably not reflect well on your brand, because a strong brand should not need to trash others in order to make themselves look better.

- Not fully taking the time to build out a high-quality CCLP that doesn’t make an objective comparison. Keep in mind that your best clients are already searching for these comparisons. They want to do their due diligence as best as possible, and if you are not able to give them the opportunity to compare, your competitors will. The searcher is actively investigating which solution suits them best, and if you are able to convince them via an objective comparison, chances are that this will be a long-term client.

- Too much focus on the brand, instead of making a good comparison. As mentioned, your best clients will actively be researching. Not providing an objective comparison or only bragging about your product will likely result in a poor outcome.

Key Takeaways

- CCLPs are vital for SaaS companies to drive bottom-of-the-funnel traffic and conversions.
- They help customers determine if a service is the right fit for them. These clients can be of high value because they do their due diligence and want the best solution for the long term.
- They target ideal customers and reduce the risk of customer churn. Clients who are actively investing time to discover the best solution will likely be of higher value for your business and committed for the long term.
- Some SaaS companies neglect these pages or create them ineffectively. If you won’t do it, your competitors will.
- You are able to control the narrative and influence how they think about your product compared to your competitors.

Remember, a well-crafted CCLP not only showcases your product's strengths but also builds trust with potential customers. If a client chooses for your brand via the comparison, it will likely be of high value for your business as they are actively investing time into research and are serious about engaging with your solution

Offering this comparison will likely result in long term commitment as they actively invest time into research for the best possible solution. If you're ready to elevate your SaaS marketing strategy and outshine your competitors, start focusing on creating effective and informative CCLPs today. At Savvy Moves we can advise you on how to create a successful CCLP for your SaaS business.

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